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Titan Industrial Chemicals, LLC, offers quality products and competitive prices for municipalities, schools, and other major businesses.

Titan Industrial Chemicals
is now offering
a new nanobolic floor cleaner
– the only cleaner that works 24/7 –


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to green products ...

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Graffiti Remover

A Strong Solvent Cleaner for the Removal of Most Types of Graffiti

G.M.R. is a blend of solvents designed to remove almost all types of graffiti. However, some wax type markings may be resistant. Due to the solvents used in G.M.R., painted surfaces may be affected; therefore, test a small, obscure patch before using this cleaner.

Spray or wipe G.M.R. on the vandalized area. Allow time to penetrate, then wipe or rub graffiti away. Depending upon the nature of the markings and the surface, more than one application may be necessary to obtain a completely stain-free surface. After using G.M.R., a soap and water wash of the vandalized area may be an excellent final cleaning step.

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