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Titan Industrial Chemicals, LLC, offers quality products and competitive prices for municipalities, schools, and other major businesses.

Titan Industrial Chemicals
is now offering
a new nanobolic floor cleaner
– the only cleaner that works 24/7 –


For pricing and packaging information,
call 636-273-9033 or
877-273-9030 toll-free

And, if you're committed
to green products ...

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Liquid Drain Cleaner


Pour at least one pint into blocked drain. Let stand for 30 minutes for cleaner to emulsify grease, etc. If necessary, repeat application in one hour.

If blockage is not removed, plunge drain and then pour two pints into drain and let stand overnight. After blockage is removed, flush drain with hot water.
A regular maintenance program every two weeks will keep drains free-running, and effects economy in time as well as material. This product is heavier than water, and will settle into blocked areas.

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