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Titan Industrial Chemicals, LLC, offers quality products and competitive prices for municipalities, schools, and other major businesses.

Titan Industrial Chemicals
is now offering
a new nanobolic floor cleaner
– the only cleaner that works 24/7 –


For pricing and packaging information,
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877-273-9030 toll-free

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to green products ...

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Bacto-Blend M
The 175 Million Plus System for Treatment
of Sewage Waste Water

  • Facultative Bacteria
  • Anaerobic Bacteria
  • Aerobic Bacteria
  • 4 Catalytic Enzymes
  • Microbial Nutrients

For the treatment of Sewage Waste Water

USE IN ...

Primary Tanks Lagoons Imhoff Tanks Laterals
Aeration Systems Wet Wells Trickling Filters
Septic Tanks Lift Stations Settling Tanks
Sewer Lines Grease Traps Prefab Plants Cess Pools

BACTO-BLEND M contains the following four Enzyme Systems, plus Microbial Nutrients, and Bacteria:

  • AMYLASE For Starch and Carbohydrate digestion
  • CELLULASE For Cellulose (paper) digestion
  • PROTEASE For Protein digestion
  • LIPASE For Fat digestion

BACTO-BLEND M is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive.

BACTO-BLEND M is a balanced blend consisting of enzymes, facultative bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, aerobic bacteria and microbial nutrients to increase the capacity of sewage systems. BACTO-BLEND M helps eliminate digester troubles, corrects grease problems, reduces offensive odors, reduces scum; keeps lines and lift stations open and helps digest and liquefy sewage waste and solids.

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